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We talk to Chris "Mo" Sherland in detail about this upcoming online wargame.
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Jan. 21, 2001

WWII Online Restarts
World War II Online developers exposed that the war will indeed be winnable. If this happens, it will be restarted from day 0.
"Computer Strategy Games"
Press release announcing the game Zeus.
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Aug. 14, 2000 My page
Marxh 13, 2001 preview
Feb. 7, 2001 Interview
Nov. 16, 2000 they posted this as news...
Strategy First Claims World War II Victory
We were waiting to see who would pick this one up. Strategy First announced today that they have acquired the rights to publish Playnet's World War II Online, a persistent game based on -- duh -- World War II.
Email sent March 21, 2001

Press Releases

Press Releases

Two New Affiliates

Four Releases named first service-wide affiliate
WWIIOL HQ named official affiliate
WII Online website launched
First Release

Achives include the following dates wihtin the year 2000.
Feb 15
March 29
April 1
April 21
May 12
May 25
June 23
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Daily Radar have conducted an interview with Cornered Rat Software Executive Producer Mark Pribe about their upcoming online strategy game, World War II Online.
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An interview with Playnet's very own Rodney Hodge about Cornered Rat software's up and coming massively multiplayer gaming titled, World War II Online.


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MindlessGames have scored an interview with Cornered Rat Software's Chris Sherland to talk about their current project, the Massively Multiplayer Online Game - combat simulator, World War II Online. E-mail sent March 21 asking for use

Computer Simulation Games
Sim of the Week
WWII Online combines air, land, and sea combat in a persistent, massively multiplayer world.Is it the next big sim or an overly ambitious dream?
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The Year 2000
Playnet at ECTS: ECTS is the European showcase for all the new hardware and software products launched for the crucial Q4 selling season, and the industry converges here to do business. Playnet is attending the show and will be unveiling the newest beta release of its massively multiplayer online game, World War II Online™. ECTS 2000 takes place at the Grand and National Halls, Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London W14.

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