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World War II Online Development Update
by James Fudge

Posted 07/05/2000

Cornered Rat Software says that they have moved into a new phase of beta testing for their online World War II simulation, World War II Online. World War II Online is a simulation that combines infantry, air, land and sea forces in historic battles that took place during the second world war.

The development team says that they have entered into Phase III, which will test damage and state info for visible players. Phase III will add a few more testers as it goes and will be the beginning of a stress test program for the host. No word on when they will begin to add testers for the stress test, but we'll keep you posted. the developers also note that they have finished up a good portion of work on damage modelling, modeling for several virtual cockpits, the animation system for soldiers and have begun implementing the strategy level to the gameworld. for more info check out www.playnet.com.


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