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Playnet Inc. announces first World War II Online™ affiliate website as part of Global Games Network™ initiative.

Bedford, TX January 5, 2000

Playnet, Incorporated (Playnet) announced today that World War II Online HQ, a website dedicated to reporting news, interviews and features surrounding the upcoming title World War II Online™, has joined the G2 Network.

HQ is now an official affiliate of the growing World War II Online™ web community and has entered into a co-publishing agreement with Playnet Inc.

"This is an important first step towards the growth of web communities surrounding our gaming services which will be launched to coincide with the release of World War II Online™", said Playnet Executive Producer, Al Corey. "We are very excited about bringing HQ aboard and announcing them as the first official affiliate."

Mike DelPrete, World War II Online HQ's founder and Site Manager echoed Playnet's excitement over the arrangement. "I’m sure our new relationship with Playnet will foster a greater sense of community among the varied fans of World War II Online™, bringing them the best service possible as an official affiliate."

World War II Online™, a WWII combat simulation and strategy game, is currently in development. The product will feature real-time combined arms combat game play implemented in integrated theatres of operation utilizing virtual battlefield simulations of air, land and sea warfare. Players will command and control air, sea and ground forces by operating in concert as pilots, tank commanders, infantry soldiers or submarine and ship captains to win a worldwide conflict.

World War II Online™ will be simultaneously released for both PC and Mac platforms and commercial introduction of World War II Online™ is currently targeted for spring of 2000 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

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You can find the official WWII Online™ website at:

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