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Computer Strategy

Montreal, Quebec. November 15th, 2000 - Strategy First Inc., a leading worldwide developer and publisher of PC CD-ROM games is pleased to announce that it has entered an agreement with Playnet Inc. to publish the highly anticipated World War II Online throughout retail channels in North America and selected regions of Europe and Asia.

"Strategy First is very excited about this newfound partnership," says Steve Wall, V.P., Marketing/Business Development. "World War 11 on-line is a visionary title that will set a new standard for online gaming. It is truly groundbreaking and we are excited to be part of it.”

Playnet Inc.’s President & CEO Jim Mesteller remarked, "We were very careful in sorting through possible publishers for our first premium gaming title. After meeting and working with the team from Strategy First, our decision was easy. This is a good fit. In terms of our need to reach a wide audience, the extra visibility from retail channel exposure…by having our game on the shelves of software stores across the country and around the world…will bring us a much larger audience than would be possible by only distributing the game online. Unlike many games, the world we're building works better with lots of people in it.”

Playnet and Strategy First are eager to set a new trend in the industry by introducing the first truly cross-genre massively multiplayer online game. The game offers players a combination of first person shooter, role-playing and strategy styled game-play in one title.

Set in the virtual battlefields of the Second World War, players choose to join the Army, Marines, Navy or Air Force for a variety of countries on both the Allied and Axis sides.

Unlike any game in its genre, players are able to tailor their game experience to a degree of detail never seen before. Whether they choose to captain ships, command tanks, pilot aircraft or fight on the frontlines, they must gain experience by successfully strategizing their attacks and completing various mission objectives, before moving up the ranks.

In a massively multiplayer online persistent world, eventually spanning the globe, action takes place 24 hours a day, every day of the year. With thousands of players per theater, each must interact, strategize, and organize in order to achieve victory.

Scheduled for release in Summer 2001, World War II Online revisits a time and place where real heroes lived and died in one of the most momentous wars in history.


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