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Playnet.com announces two new affiliates
as part of G2 Network initiative.

Bedford, TX August 07, 2000

Playnet.com announces two new affiliates as part of G2 Network initiative. Bedford, TX August 1, 2000 Playnet, Incorporated (Playnet) today announced a formal business relationship with two leading Internet entertainment webzines.

Badkarma.net (www.badkarma.playnet.com) and PC Arena.com (www.pcarena.playnet.com) are the latest network-wide content contributors to Playnet's gaming and entertainment destination to be launched later this year (www.playnet.com).

"Both Badkarma and PC Arena represent the best the web has to offer in serving their respective gaming communities, said Playnet.com Executive Producer, Al Corey. "Bringing those communitities to the Playnet network is an important step towards building a one-stop destination for games and entertainment."

PC Arena, specializing in news, reviews and information on all genres of computer gaming, is a leading provider of information to the gaming enthusiast.

Badkarma represents one of the oldest websites dedicated to the "Mecha" style computer game and has rapidly evolved to beome a driving force in the "Mech" community.

Playnet's Global Games (G2) Network will deliver a web-based multi-player game service and interactive entertainment destination site, Playnet.com, which will offer automated launching and seamless operation of games and related entertainment services in a variety of types and formats. The design of the G2 Network (an Internet-based interactive games network) includes many popular community-building features for Playnet.com such as instant messaging, file transfers between players, easy-to-use private chat system, and a voice chat system all presented in a simple and intuitive user interface. A goal of the service's design is to allow easy up-selling from free classic card and board games to subscription services with contests, tournaments, community services for multiplayer games, and premium pay-to-play massively multiplayer games with persistent 3D game worlds.


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