A History In The Making


World War II Online Beta News
by James Fudge

Posted 06/07/2000

Cornered Rat Software released further information on the first phases of their online beta test for World War II Online. According to an update on the company website, the Beta Test will be broken down in to (aproximately) six phases. The first few phases of the beta test will focus on hardware compatibilty. This will be a closed beta (testers have already been chosen) that the company hopes will ferret out any technical glitches or bugs relating to a large scale of hardware and systems. After several phases of testing hardware and system issues, the company will begin working on tweaking gameplay and technology. At that time the company will increase the number of testers up substantially to squash any serious issues that relate to such things as gameplay, online connectivity and hardware as it relates to gameplay. The company says this is where a majority of the beta testers that have signed up will be able to join in. The first phases of testing begin this month.

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