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Playnet, Inc. Developing "Virtual Battlefield" Simulation Game for Internet… Announces Plans for Next Generation Interactive Entertainment Web-Site

Bedford, TX August 09, 1999

Playnet, Incorporated (Playnet) is a newly formed Internet company founded in May 1999 by online game industry veteran John MacQueen. Playnet is dedicated to creating innovative ways of using technology to develop and distribute multi-player interactive games and other online interactive entertainment products via the Internet. Playnet will utilize the Internet and the World Wide Web for cost-effective distribution and content hosting. The company also plans to capitalize on the business opportunities associated with delivery of games and interactive entertainment products via other emerging communication mediums such as web TV, high-speed cable modem and console game boxes having Internet access capability.

MacQueen, President/COO of the new venture, was previously the Director of Online Productions and Network Operations for Interactive Magic, Inc.'s (Nasdaq: IMGK) wholly owned Internet subsidiary, Imagic Online Corporation (IMOL). IMOL was formerly Interactive Creations Incorporated (ICI), the creators of the award-winning Internet game WarBirds™, prior to being acquired by Interactive Magic in April of 1997. Mr. MacQueen was one of the founders of Interactive Creations and served as ICI's Vice President of Operations.

Playnet is developing its own proprietary Global Games Network technology (G2 Network). The Playnet G2 Network will deliver a web-based multi-player game service and interactive entertainment destination site, Playnet.com, which will offer automated launching and seamless operation of games and related entertainment services in a variety of types and formats. The design of the G2 Network (an Internet-based interactive games network) includes many popular community-building features for Playnet.com such as instant messaging, file transfers between players, easy-to-use private chat system, and a voice chat system all presented in a simple and intuitive user interface. A goal of the service's design is to allow easy up-selling from free classic card and board games to subscription services with contests, tournaments, community services for multi-player games, and premium pay-to-play massively multi-player games with persistent 3D game worlds. This will be done with full integration of the technologies into an intuitive web browser interface for Netscape and Internet Explorer use. The system's design will encourage customers to stay at the Playnet.com site and use the service for extended periods of time at very low Internet connectivity costs to Playnet.

Playnet plans to derive revenues from multiple sources. Advertising product sales, both direct and through online agencies like Double Click and 24x7 Media, along with e-commerce sales from Playnet's web site will greatly supplement and significantly add to revenue from subscription service fees and pay-to-play premium games like "World War II Online." Also, for most CD-ROM computer games, Playnet intends to fully support both Windows and Macintosh users, which will position it as the only content/game developer and online gaming service on the Internet offering full cross-platform support.

Playnet's first massively multi-player Internet product, "World War II Online", a WW II combat simulation and strategy game, is currently in development. According to MacQueen, the product will feature real-time combined arms combat game play implemented in integrated theatres of operation utilizing virtual battlefield simulations of air, land and sea warfare. Players will command and control air, sea and ground forces by operating in concert as pilots, tank commanders, infantry soldiers or submarine and ship captains to win a worldwide conflict. He further stated that the company plans to leverage its experience by taking this type of product to a higher level of quality and playability. The game's producer, Chris "MO" Sherland, stated that the new game will be a "next-generation" combat simulation and strategy game able to support thousands of players simultaneously in several interconnected theatres of war. "World War II Online" will be introduced as an integrated air, land and sea simulation with subsequent releases expanding over several theatres of war. This product will include several key improvements that are intended to raise the industry standard for excellence in realistic simulations by pushing the envelope in graphics, physics modeling, Internet connectivity, and game playability.

"World War II Online" will be simultaneously released for both PC and Mac platforms; and according to Mr. MacQueen, screenshots and pre-alpha demos should be available later this summer. Commercial introduction and initial release of "World War II Online" is currently targeted for spring of 2000 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). For additional information about Playnet, send all inquiries to: bizrelations@playnet.com


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