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"Playnet Press Releases"

Playnet Inc. and Cornered Rat Software announce the launch of the World War II Online website.

Bedford, TX November 4, 1999

Playnet, Incorporated (Playnet) and its in-house software development studio, Cornered Rat Software today launched the website for their upcoming title, "World War II Online".

"We've been overwhelmed with requests for information on the title and so we decided to put together this site", said company Internet Content Manager, Al "Rafter" Corey. "We will be launching the full-featured site as WWIIOL gets closer to going live but this site will provide some basic gameplay information along with some temporary forums for discussion."

"World War II Online", a WWII combat simulation and strategy game, is currently in development. The product will feature real-time combined arms combat game play implemented in integrated theatres of operation utilizing virtual battlefield simulations of air, land and sea warfare. Players will command and control air, sea and ground forces by operating in concert as pilots, tank commanders, infantry soldiers or submarine and ship captains to win a worldwide conflict.

"World War II Online" will be simultaneously released for both PC and Mac platforms and commercial introduction and initial release of "World War II Online" is currently targeted for spring of 2000 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

For further information please visit the Playnet Inc. website at http://www.playnet.com

You can find the WWII Online website at: http://www.wwiionline.com


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