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Last Mission Highlights

The Aufklarung escorted the Rommel's "Ghost Division" to the out skirts of Paris last night. A large battle ensued in which the axis took many casualties. The Ghosts pulled back as the Aufkl. swept north to relieve it's right flank.
...Well one can wish!

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Mar. 8
   Currently hard at work on my squads side of the web site. The 12th SS PzDiv -HJ- is shaping up and looks as though it will be a force to contend with on the battle field. Now if we can just get WWIIOL to instal a filter as opposed to censoring their material, we'll be happy.

Mar. 3
   Well the Aufklarung Network is just about complete. I'll be refreshing e-mails and sending them out to various squads, to let them know.
   I'll be adding the Das Reich, Wiking and White Owl to the unit page, this weekend.
   Look for pages being added quickly to our unit side of the web site (12th SS HJ) this week.

   The "Unit - Intel". and  "Top Secret Files" pages are up and running.
   Intel. currenly has 4 squads listed, but that number should climb quickly.
   I tossed on 4 historical Battle of Belgium maps to the Files page, since the page won't be active until "France" release date. Hope you find them of some value.
   Thanks to those Recon. members for helping out the  the AA Network (Axis Aufklarung)

   Sorry guys...currently working on my own squad for a change....for a few days anyhow.

   I'm currently revising the "Vehicle pages" with some updated material. I've also added the Sd.Kfz. 250/9 "Caesar" halftrack. It was chosen to be the replacement for the "222" and went into production in 1943. I doubt very much that the "Rats" will chose this vehicle, but if they do, I'll update it then.
   I'm pretty much finished with the Art Gallery's vehicles. I still need to add the art dealing with the men, squad pictures, etc. I have about 50 - 100 of them, so it's going to be a few days. I'll probably start them on monday.
   There's been alot of "Sniper" postings on the WWIIOL Forums lately. I've been trying to direct the people to our "Snipers Page".
   Speaking of forums...with 3 forum pages out there (WWIIOL, Stratics and CrossRoads), it reminds me that I need to link them all to this page.

   Installed a message board. Please feel free to post on any topic for WWII Online.
   When you get a chance head on over to the HQ and take a peek at the Squad Listing. I added a picture to the squad's "Show Details", which is kinda cool as we are one of the very few who has done so!
   WWII Online posted a new video, entitled "Demo". It's pretty weak for a demo. It's an overview of the game. One cool thing was the "Mission Board" screen. It looks as though it'll be a click and goto setup. Should be easy to operate in that fashion (if so).
   If you haven't seen the "Beta" video, it is worth viewing. It shows a small battle of men and tanks fighting each other. It concentrates on the firing of the vehicles and impact of the weapons.
   Posted a few more sections at the Art Gallery...under Vehicles: cars, trucks, halftracks.

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