Feb. 25

Feb. 26
   In view of the attack on the Altmark, Hitler sees Norwegian nuetrality as too unreliable. Preperations for operation Weserubung against Norway and Denmark are therefore accelerated and the Furher signs the first Directive to get it under way. Germany is interested in Norwegian iron ore as well as in the strategic position of the two Scandinavian countries.

Feb. 27
   Towards evening General Mannerheim orders his army to evacuate the second defensive line.

Feb. 28 - 29
   Timoshenko's troops overrun the second Finnish defensive line.

March 1
   The Soviet ultimatum putting peace proposals to Finland expires.

Western Front
   The phoeny war continues with a few exchanges of artillery and a little patrol action. German airforce action over the North Seas and the Orkneys

   The US Secretary of State, Summer Welles, arrives in Berlin from Rome before going on to London and Paris. His governmaent has instructed him to offer American mediation in the search for a basis of agreement between the belligerents. But the enterprise is doomed to failure, first because it is to late, and secondly because by now none of the combantants believes that peace is possible.

March 2
   The French army information services reveal German preperations for an attack on Norway and Denmark. Sweden and Norway repeat their warning that allied troops and war material may not cross their territories.

March 3
   General Timoshenko launches a massive offensive in Karelia.