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Furball ... sent 03 - 21 - 01

Our sites make chat rooms, forums, message boards, and/or news groups available to you. Please remember that any information that is disclosed in these areas becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information.

COMPLETE - PCZone - sent for logo use and article use.

Mindless - sent for use of logo and interview
Mindless - sent 03 - 21 - 01

COMPLETE - XLGaming - ditto

Daily Radar - Sent on 03 - 21 - 01

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Email = sitesupport@combatsim.com
sent  - March 21

Dear Sirs,

Our Request:

We our currently compiling a historical works on our non-profit web site, entitled "WWIIOL - A History in the Making". Our web site is a player based community squad site for the use with upcoming game: "World War II Online".

Our pages will give the reader the ability to learn what went into the making of the game "World War II Online" from it's early days in 1999 to our current date. The pages would be available to the gaming community, to read only. We would like to include your web sites archived WWIIOL news information in our library. All web sites we have contacted have so far been very helpful.

It is in essence our pages will be much like going to the library and sitting down with your favorite history book.

We are growing concerned as many of the documented sources on the web barring this topic, that were once stored deep within archives, have already been deleted. Even after we've asked for copies, but since we're believers in the laws, we have to often times bite our lips! More then once we have been told by web sites to just link to the page, to then later find out the page had been deleted!

What we would like from you is:

1. Granted rights to copy the above mentioned article/interview to be displayed at our web site as a historical source of information,
(without screen shots being used, as we know they are often trademarked and granted use by the owner to you only). It is NOT our intention to use any attached screen shots!

2. The use of your site logo to display with the article as a means to show the viewer the original owned source, (This will be used in conjuntion with a link to your home page).

Our final thoughts: We understand the concerns owners have at releasing items such as this, but it is in our interest to display the above mentioned items in the same fashion as would a museum. It is not our intention to illegally copy such items, as many do. It is also not our intention to monetarily gain any currency from the use of the items. We run a free and clean web site using "Fortune city" as our host. In a nutshell we have made ourselves aware of copyright concearns.

Our squad and gaming community wait in suspense for your reply.

Thank you for your time.

Signed: Mark Clifton - WWIIOL12hj Web Master



Tech Pubs, a game resource site focusing on vehicle and weapon information surrounding World War II Online™, is being coordinated by Duane Godwin, a longtime content contributor to the gaming industry. The site will provide in-depth statistics, historical data and original artwork covering the vehicles used during World War II. For those players interested in technical information and history of the actual aircraft, infantry weapons, naval craft, and armored vehicles of WWII, Tech Pubs will provide detailed information, specifications, and illustrations for each vehicle or weapon that will be modeled in WWII Online™. Tech Pubs will be offering each article as a downloadable Adobe Acrobat ™ PDF file. Players will be able to be print these articles and collect them in a portfolio of information. All articles will be based on real-life incidents of WWII and will feature color illustrations researched by the artist, Tim Brown.

The second game resource site announced will provide players the tools and information to more effectively research, plan and participate in the virtual game world of World War II Online™. OKW, founded by Adam Toering and Tom Farnsworth, is another example of the growing community interest and support for the as-yet-unreleased game being developed by Playnet's in-house software studio, Cornered Raft Software.
"We are proud to be part of the fast-growing World War II Online™ community," said Tom Farnsworth. “In the coming weeks, expect much expansion of our site with more and more resource material becoming available that’s associated with various aspects of the German High Command. We’re really jazzed about providing this support to the community, and the OKW will strive to facilitate all of the German players’ needs."

The third addition announced today is the acquisition by Playnet of Dogfighter Network (www.dogfighter.com) and its affiliated web sites. The award-winning webzine provides news, game reviews, interviews and community support tools focusing on computer game simulations. Dogfighter.com will become one of many independent packages of content contributing to the playnet.com gaming service, which will cover all gaming genres and become a one stop web destination for people seeking an informative and entertaining resource center for computer-based, console and online only games.
"We really are very excited about Dogfighter joining with Playnet as moves are being made to expand their Global Games (G2) Network initiative," said Gian Vitzthum, Managing Editor of dogfighter.com. "This is a great opportunity for us to reach a wider audience, and with access to resources and technology available from Playnet, we can move ahead with projects that we would not have been able to otherwise handle.” Editorial policy and staff at dogfighter.com will not change, and readers can continue to expect the unbiased, analytical journalism and top-notch reporting about flight simulation that has been a hallmark of the site."

World War II Online™ is an online massively multiplayer WWII simulation fought on land, sea and air. Developed by Playnet's software development division, Cornered Rat Software, WWIIOL™ is the next generation online combat simulation.

WWIIOL HQ was the first community affiliate for Cornered Rat Software's forthcoming massively multiplayer title, World War II Online. providing news, commentary and other community resources, HQ is a great place to check out what's new.
OKW - WWIIOL German High Command. A web-site dedicated to the WWIIOnline German Gamer - articles, exclusives, forums... Anything assosciated with being a "Kraut" in WWIIOnline - More than just a news site, the OKW strives to help facilitate communication between German units.

TacticalZone.com (www.tz.playnet.com) becomes the first service-wide content supplier to the Playnet.com (www.playnet.com) gaming service to be launched this summer. Specializing in community news and events for titles like DF2, Half Life and RB6, TZ is a one-stop source for gamers.

WWII Online™
World War II Online™