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WWIIOL "Recon"
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Below is a listing of current
German Reconnaissance player contacts for WWIIOL

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Gerhard "Bremer"
Commander of
12SS -HJ- A.A.

12th SS -HJ- Pz. Div.
12 SS Pz. A.A

Squad commander

1st SS Sharpshooters

Squad commander

Hermann Goring Division
Aufkl. Abt. HG
Squad commander

Regio Eserctio Italiano

(awiting e-mail)
2 SS Pz.Gren
"Das Reich"
A.A. 2

Unit Commander
KW - "Loke" A.A.
(Awaing E-Mail)

Kampfgruppe Wiking "Loke"
Aufkl. Abt.
Squad Commander
"White OWl"
Players and Units  have been added
as per order of  joining.

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