Gathered Intelligence

   This page is dedicated to the gathering of intelligence. It is here that files will be stored, containing information in regards to enemy areas of activity.
   Below you will find a list of areas, that are linked to sub pages holding the information you wish to look at.
   Each file will contain a screen shot of the area and any information that might be needed for your squads mission planning stages.
   By game day, "France", this page will be securely locked down, with only the members listed on the "Intel" page being granted access.
   For now the page will be left up, through beta, so that you will have the chance to  see how valuable a resource this page can be to your squad.
   Below are listed the Historical maps for the Battle of Belgium - "Operation Yellow". Use them to help you in your mission planning stages for Beta.

Top Secret Recon Files

The current files listed below contain
historical maps for the Battle of Belgium
"Operation Yellow"

OKH Plan
9. 10. 39
OKH Plan
29. 10. 39

31. 10. 39
15. 01.40


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