Our aims here at the Aufklarung Network are simple.

    The network is a dedicated group of individuals, who's goals are based in the field of reconnaissance. These players and their squads logo's are posted on the "Secret Agents" web page. They have offered to gather intelligence about the Allies while they are playing.

    The information they gain will then be sent via E-mail to the web master, "Bremer",  who will then post it  on the "Top Secret Files" page. This page will be locked down and secured by unlinking it from the public's access, as well as being password protected. The files posted can then be retrieved for use in the mission planning stages for upcoming battles. Only those members listed will have access to the files. This Network should be fully in place and running smoothly for the open day of the "Battle of France".

Thanks for the help.

Aufklarung Unite!
12SS Pz.A.A. -HJ- Kdr. Gerhard "Bremer"

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