Goals and Membership

Young men of the V. SS-Pz.Gren 26/II -HJ-
after being awarded for thier bravery in the "Battle of Normandy"


Propoganda Posters

"Blood and Honor"

    I would first off, like to welcome you to the 12th SS Pz.Div. "Hitler Jugend", a player squad for the computer game World War II Online. I am going to make the assumption that since you are at this page, you know a little bit about...the Hitler Youth, the Waffen SS and/or the German military of WW 2 in general. I will not explain any of those terms here. I will mention however, that we do not support every aspect of those historical groups or the people involved with them. In WW2, out of nearly 1 million Waffen SS soldiers, 99% had no dealing in atrocities. Our squad is amongst those brave men that fought a dedicated battle of survival. We are here to play...play hard...and try and win the war for the Axis!

-Gerhard "Bremer"-

Modern trench warfare demands knowledge and experience; a man must have a feeling for the contours of the ground, an ear for the sound and character of the shells, must be able to decide beforehand where they will drop, how they will burst, and to shelter from them. The young recruits of course know none of these things.

-Erich Remarque-

   Who are we ?
    We are portraying the dedicated young fighting men of the 12th SS Panzer Division "Hitler Jugend".  Our structure for WWII-Online is based on the historical Order of Battle, as per the divisions introduction into the war in 1943. The players will be representing (In name only) the actual commanders who fought so hard in the short time the 12th remained alive. Our squad will be using no lower then company command level names. This will allow us to portray the entire division easier with fewer players. To remain as accurate as we can, I would like to stress the importance of using the actual commanders names, but it is not absolutely necessary.

   Who is Gerhard "Bremer"?

    Gerhard Bremer was the commander of the 12SS Pz. A.A. Translated as:  The Battalion commander of the 12th SS reconnaissance battalion. He is the commander that I am personally portraying within the squad. For game play that means, although I will be in command of my own recon men, I will still have to answer to the commanders of other units above as there will be Infantry and Tanks. My job within the 12th SS "HJ" is three fold. I am the web master of this web site, the organizer of the Aufklarung Network (a recon. network separate from the 12th), and a player of the 12th, just like you. I will not be the acting Divisional Commander on the battle field. I will however, not hesitate to step in when and if any problems do arise, as the overall squad is in my name. Unruly players that chose to disrupt the flow of the game, will not be tolerated. I want this squad to be run by players, who look up to what the 12th SS 'HJ' young men accomplished on battle fields of Normandy, during World War 2. I surely couldn't have done it.

The Hitler Youth will fight fanactically ... the enemy will be struck with wonder

-Adolf Hitler-

   What is our objective in the game ?

    Our number one objective is to have as much fun that we can. As a Panzer Division, our main objective is to gain as much ground on the enemy and as many points that we can for any said mission.  We will be an organized group of battle hardened players, using teamwork to help win the war for the Axis. We  will do all of this while remaining focused and level headed.

   What is our short term goals ?
    We will strive to become a Division-sized armored squad, being well rehearsed in game played tactics. We will try and bolster our units numbers with competent level-headed players that want to serve a purpose within the game. We will need to work ourselves up into positions, that are advantageous in allowing us to chose vehicles, etc. Since we are portraying fighting men of the Waffen-SS, we will be HEAVILY frowned upon, so it will be no easy task. We will aim to achieve a good working relationship with other Axis units having the same agenda.

   Long term goals:

    We would like to be one of the few Axis squads that is looked up to as being some of the best players in the game. The game will be very large in number and we will strive to be in the top 10%. We want all of the WWIIOL game players to view our squad as being as courageous and dedicated to winning the war as the real young men of the 12th were back in 1944.

Today the Reich youth Leader has released you from the Hitler Youth and presented you to the Waffen SS. Now, in your new Waffen SS uniforms, you will go home on a fourteen-day furlough. (applause!)
After a few months in SS Barracks you will enter a great formation, an SS Panzer grenadier division. You will then train some more, lose many drops of sweat in order to save drops of blood. You will carry the name that the Fuhrer gave you:
SS Panzer Grenadier Division 'Hitler-Jugend'

-Heinrich Himmler-

If you think you would like
to join our WWIIOL Squad:
12thSS Pz. Div. "HJ"
as a tanker or infantryman.
Please contact me via,

Aufkl. Abt. 12
Kdr. Gehard Bremer

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