AUG - 2000
CH Products also announced that WWII Online will be demonstrated at the the ECTS trade show in London using CH equipment, and that they have been working with Cornered Rat Software on a new advanced 568 Combatstick USB, which will be coming to market in the 4th quarter of 2000.
Posted 08/31/00 - 2:00 AM ET
Playnet released a Press Release concearning ETCS
" is very pleased to announce its attendance at ECTS – Europe's showcase for all the latest games and technologies. ECTS will be the first public briefing on Playnet's Global Games Network (G² Network) initiative and revolutionary online entertainment destination coming in the fall of 2000. Playnet will also have the first public viewing of its highly anticipated game title: World War II Online, produced by Playnet's software development division, Cornered Rat Software (CRS)..."
Playnet announces it will open a entertainment destination.
07-19-00 pleased to announce the official World War II Online™
Managed by community member and longtime flight sim enthusiast Jen "zootsuit" Matson, the ring will contain a listing of all websites related to Cornered Rat Software's upcoming massively multiplayer online title, World War II Online™.
IGNVault has posted an Interview with Chris "Mo" Sherland of Cornerd Rat Software, developer of the upcoming and very ambitious World War II Online.
Posted 08/15/00 - 4:45 PM ET
Dogfighter has posted a Part Two of their interview with the guys making WWII Online. Posted 08/13/00 - 9:45 AM ET
08-07-00 announces two new affiliates as part of G2 Network initiative. ( and PC ( are the latest network-wide content contributors to Playnet's gaming and entertainment destination to be launched later this year (

PC Arena, specializing in news, reviews and information on all genres of computer gaming, is a leading provider of information to the gaming enthusiast.
Badkarma represents one of the oldest websites dedicated to the "Mecha" style computer game and has rapidly evolved to beome a driving force in the "Mech" community.
Radio Interview
Playenet...A new edition of Playnet News features the first of a two-part interview with Roger "Frying Tiger" Long, Art Director of Cornered Rat Software and Playnet Inc.
Playnet announces two new affiliates.
July - 2000
Dogfighter had a couple of interesting stories up over the weekend. One includes an update on the state of WWII Online, and the other is a press release from Microsoft detailing their "Thriller for Manila" Fighter Ace II event, scheduled to take place on July 30. Posted 07/17/00 - 2:00 AM ET
july-19-00 - Dallas posted an article entitled "The G-Day Invasion"

"...With the launch of its namesake game-playing portal next month, game developer-cum-Internet publisher Playnet will begin its invasion of the multibillion-dollar video game industry..."

"...Spearheading the Bedford, Texas-based company's attack will be its flagship multiplayer, multi-genre game, World War II Online, said Playnet CEO Jim Mesteller.
World War II Online is a new kind of hybrid, Mesteller said. It combines elements from sophisticated strategy games, esoteric fantasy role-playing games, adrenalin-pumping flight simulation games, and the very visceral shooting, kicking, stabbing. and bombing type video games.

World War II Online will make its debut with a host of more conventional game fare at its flanks. Playnet this week will close its acquisition of Delaware-based Wild Card Software, developers of popular card game software that will also run "massively multiplayer" at the site..."
June - 2000
There's a new 11.5 MB video of WWII Online featuring a Bf109 and a Spitfire. Thanks to Nike for the tip. Posted 06/29/00 9:00 AM ET
Andy "Weasel" Moore posted a game updateover at Furball Mag. - UPDATE -

"...WELL! This month has been exciting, indeed. Closed beta has begun!..."

Gamespot UK has an article called Aces Online, which looks at the upcoming online flight sims. Since most of them are US-hosted, it presents the situation from the perspective of those in Europe. Sims covered are WWII Online, Battle of Britain (by simguild), Fighter Ace II, Air Warrior: Vietnam, and some oldies but goodies like Warbirds. 06/14/00
Furball, a Dogfighter Network site, has some new scoop June 2, 2000

MAY - 2000
Furball Magazine has an update on WWII Online, Andy "Weasel" Moore -UPDATE -
"...We have entered the final dev cycle before we open the beta...."
May 26, 2000
Andy "Weasel" Moore ICQ #6110490
Posted at TuccowsNetwork
Cornered Rat Software's is on their final stages of World War II Online™, which represents an entirely unique and exciting development in the online, massively, multiplayer simulation/game genre. They are looking for Beta testers you can to the official World War II Online sight to sign-up.

World War II Online beta applications are being accepted, and the DDCK Myth of Creation page is taking applications for an imminent alpha test of this upcoming RTS...
Any "Weasel" Moore posted an update at Furball Mag. - UPDATE-

Playnet Inc. made multiple announcements today at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Included were details of three new multiplayer gaming titles as well as additional content sites for its upcoming gaming service,

Playnet expands Global Games (G2) Network
Playnet Inc. (Playnet) today announced the addition of three websites to its Global Games (G2) Network™ in anticipation of the launch later this summer of a new online entertainment and gaming service,

As part of its Global Games (G2) Network™ initiative, Playnet, Inc., has announced a summer 2000 launch of an online gaming and interactive entertainment destination, ( It will launch with classic games and industry-leading premium Internet games. Its first massively multi-player Internet title, "World War II Online™", a WW II combat simulation and strategy game being developed by its in-house software development studio, Cornered Rat Software (, will be available exclusively on summer of 2000.


BEDFORD, TEXAS – Playnet Inc. (Playnet) has released its plans for bringing massively multiplayer games to the Internet. The company has created an in-house software development division, Cornered Rat Software (, responsible for the creation of massively multiplayer online games and related Internet technologies. It has also announced an aggressive launch into online entertainment with its upcoming release of (, a gaming, entertainment and information destination slated for a summer 2000 rollout.

Playnet Inc. today proudly released its promotional video showcasing plans for its online entertainment and gaming destination, Also included on the video are highlights from its in-house software development studio, Cornered Rat Software. The video was first released during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles and is now available online in streaming video format.
The application to be on the Closed Beta for WWII Online has been posted. May 10, 2000 - URL was
The folks making WWII Online have posted some sound files to be used in the game.  May 2, 2000 URL:

Playnet Inc. announces the opening of it's first Interactive Gaming News Affiliate, Lady J's 411.

SimActu has posted an interview with Chris "Mo" Sherland, of Warbirds fame and now with the new World War II Online Project. You will find the interview in both French and English. May 1, 2000
APRIL - 2000
Furball Magazine has an update on World War Two Online. 04/21/00
"...Gryf, a Warbirds trainer and one who is known by many, has joined the Rats. His role is, in a nutshell, community development..."

World War II Online [ 04-21-00 09:52:24 ]
WWIIOL update on Furballmag
Weasel, over at [Furball Mag] has posted a nice little update on World War II Online. No real new information here, but it sure do look perty.
Also saw at Dogfighter that Cornered Rat software, makers of WWII Online, has posted several updates on the status of game in the last couple of days. 04/21/00
WWIIOnline HQ] have posted extensive details of the engine modeling being developed for Cornered Rat Software's on-line sim in development, WWII Online. Read about modeling the variable pitch propeller, the prop pitch governor, atmospheric effects on air flow to the engine, start up routines, and the effect of exhaust temperature on output
04-05-00], now a service-wide content provider to Playnet, Inc., has posted some [screenshots] of Cornered Rat Software's World War II Online.
Playnet Inc. announces as first service-wide affiliate as part of Global Games Network™ initiative.

Playnet Inc. announces as first service-wide affiliate as part of Global Games Network™ initiative.

Welcome to the launch of our newly designed site. Here you will find out more about Playnet's upcoming Internet gaming service, the games it will offer and the communities we are building. Keep checking back for updates in the weeks to come. coming summer 2000

Playnet, Incorporated (Playnet) announced today a formal business relationship with (TZ), a website providing news, interviews and events for game-specific communities. ( becomes the first service-wide content supplier to the ( gaming service to be launched this summer.
Furball Mag. posted 4 new screenshots, sent to them by Rodney "Hatch" Hodge.
March - 2000
Andy "Weasel" Moore posts an - UPDATE -  at Furball Mag.
WWIIOL HQ] has posted some new screenshots of the damage modeling for Cornered Rat Software's World War II On-line. Check out the pics [here] and make sure to check out the "Damage Model Screenshots,
FEB - 2000
There are some new screenshots of WWII Online at the game's home page. This innovative title looks really, really interesting to us! (source: - feb25 - 2000
Interview with Rodney "hatch" Hodge about the new game due out this winter - World War II Online.
Jan - 2000
Furball Magazine opens it's doors
CRS conducts it's first ever online chat. Chris "Mo" Sherland was the guest speaker and Al "Rafter" Corey was the chat moderator.
World War II Online HQ, has posted a pair of new screenshots of the T-Boats of World War II. 01/19/00
Unofficial WWIIOL trailer

Learning Design Studios, a multi-media developer, has released a trailer for World War II Online, Playnet and Cornered Rat Software's on-line sim in development. Public comments by David Titus, Creative Director at [Learning Design Studios], indicate that this clip is still unofficial. To view the trailer click [here].
Would War II Online [ 01-06-00 18:31:32 ]
World War II Online HQ Happenings
Mike over at World War II Online HQ has let me know of some cool things happening over on his excellent site. First is the news that they have become Playnet's first official affiliate site. But wait, there's more! They've also posted a couple of "Rat Profiles" of the Cornered Rat crew. The <AHREF="HTTP: rat_profiles_mo.shtml? www.hq.wwiionline.comfirst profile was with Chris "Mo" Sherland, Producer of the sim. The latest profile is with Kevin "Squirm" Rivas, Senior 3D Artist. Here's a taste of the latest interview:
Playnet Inc. announces first World War II Online™ affiliate website as part of Global Games Network™ initiative.

Playnet, Incorporated (Playnet) announced today that World War II Online HQ, a website dedicated to reporting news, interviews and features surrounding the upcoming title World War II Online™, has joined the G2 Network.

"This is an important first step towards the growth of web communities surrounding our gaming services which will be launched to coincide with the release of World War II Online™", said Playnet Executive Producer, Al Corey. "We are very excited about bringing HQ aboard and announcing them as the first official affiliate."
Tactical Zone posts an interview

"...As for the strat system, we designed WWIIOL around 3 basic modules: the physics/vehicle engine, the strategic system, and the ranking/mission system. These 3 systems will be the real backbone of the game. They interact to support each other very well..."