DEC - 2000
Also saw there that Playnet has released a new in-game video of WWII Online.
Posted 12/14/00 - 9:30 AM ET

Playnet has posted a new movie of World War II Online, the multiplayer tactical combat game by Cornered Rat Software that is currently in closed beta testing. The new video trailer offers nearly three minutes of in-game footage showing a German attack on a French village with plenty of tank-based action.
WWII Online HQ posted a development update (for WWII Online) over the weekend. Check out their front page for the update.
Posted 12/12/00 -4:00 AM ET
Thrustmaster previews things to come in "Online Simulation Tour" with a nice mention of WWIIOL
WWIIOnline HQ has posted an account of a closed Beta testing session of the upcoming WWIIOnline massively multiplayer sim. Posted 12/04/00 - 1:30 AM ET
MacCentral Online -Article-
Playnet announces "Alpha Milestone"
NOV - 2000
Thrustmaster previews WWII Online.
Posted 11/31/00 - 12:01 AM ET
A moderated chat will be held in the official World War II Online chat room Thursday, November 30, 2000 (that's today) at 1700 EST (5:00pm EST). Participants will include Chris "Mo" Sherland, the producer, and Michael "Gryf" Weber, the WWIIOL Game Manager.  This is your chance to get answers right from the source. To access the chat, visit
Posted 11/30/00 - 3:00 AM ET
World War II Online have released a new mp3 formatted news break containing an update from Russell "Hoss" Mirabelli about the development on the Mac version of World War II Online
"World War II Moves Ahead" - 8 new screenshots posted at Furball
Sewer news posted a new "State of Beta.
"...While the new tanks and troops are every cool, I think the most exciting thing we’re adding is the personal injury model. The damage model for troops and crewmembers is pretty sophisticated..."

Posted 11/20/00 - 12:20 AM ET
Playnet release a Prees Relase update of the Wire
Big day for WWII Online news. They've posted some new shots, released a new movie, and announced that Strategy First will publish their game and make it available through retail channels. Congrats, guys!
Posted 11/16/00 - 9:40 AM ET

Some new screenshots and a movie of World War II Online, the massively multiplayer simulation game from Cornered Rar Software have been posted on the World War II Online website.

The first six screenshots in this official World War II Online gallery show some new interiors in the planes and tanks that occupy this massively multiplayer combat game by Cornered Rat Software, while a new movie trailer in self-running Bink format sports nearly two minutes of moving imagery from the ongoing beta. Thanks Aaron Benzick, who also points to this forum post announcing that the game will be published in North America and a few other parts of the world by Strategy First.

There are four new World War II Online screenshots on Adrenaline Vault, showing off this massively multiplayer combat game by Cornered Rat Software.
Thursday, November 16, 2000 - 11:05 am CT
New World War II Online Screenshots
SFI sent the Adrenaline Vault these new screenshots of World War II Online. For complete game details, read this news brief outlining SFI’s publishing agreement.

Playnet Press Release
Dogfighter reports that Cornered Rat Software has found a retail distribution partner for its upcoming massively multiplayer World War II Online. You can read the whole announcement here.
Posted 11/08/00 - 2:00 AM ET
Oct - 2000 Preview: Online games are becoming more expansive and immersive almost daily, which is no surprise considering the rapid spread of broadband and ever-advancing technology. One of the games that looks the most promising for simmers is WWII Online, an ambitious plan to allow players to refight WWII on the ground, sea, or air against other players. is pleased to have 24 exclusive shots from the latest build of this game, and keep watching this site for more information as the program develops. 10/25/00

Dogfighter has posted a preview of WWII Online, and has also spoken with Chris "Mo" Sherland, Producer, and Game Manager Michael "Gryf" Weber, both of developer Cornered Rat Software.
Posted 10/16/00 - 1:30 AM ET
Gamescreenshots has posted 19 new exclusive shots of WWII Online.
Posted 10/06/00 - 2:00 PM ET
Sept - 2000
Crossroads of WWII Online has posted an interview with Cornered Rat artist Bruce "Toto" Patnaude discussing, logically enough, aspects of the art and graphics from the upcoming WWII Online.
Posted 09/27/00 - 2:30 AM ET
PC IGN has a preview of WWII Online.
Posted 09/12/00 - 9:15 AM ET

Mark "Snail" Pribe, Executive Producer at Cornered Rat Software, has been interviewed by Ron "Newzguy" Jackson about their online sim in development, World War II Online, and it has been made available as an audio file.
Speaking of WWII Online, if you live in the Dallas area, check out the Tango LAN Party that we mentioned last week. They're probably going to showing off a playable demo of the game at the event.
Posted 09/12/00 - 9:15 AM ET
CommandHQ has some pictures and movies taken from ECTS 2000. The first public viewing of WWII Online was on display and they were there to get the scoop! Check out their ECTS coverage for the whole story.
Posted 09/6/00 - 6:30 PM ET
There's a plethora of good stuff over at Combatsim today, including new Voodoo 5 drivers, new World War II Online screens, new Flanker 2.0 cockpit upgrades and more. Posted 09/6/00 - 3:00 AM ET
The only massively multiplayer online flight sim to have a presence at ECTS in London, CRS and [] today held a press conference in a privately booked theatre outlining development of the game.
ECTS is the European showcase for all the new hardware and software products launched for the crucial Q4 selling season, and the industry converges here to do business.
Playnet is attending the show and will be unveiling the newest beta release of its massively multiplayer online game, World War II Online™.
ECTS 2000 takes place at the Grand and National Halls, Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London W14. Opening Times Sunday 3 Sept 10.00 - 6.00pm Monday 4 Sept 10.00 - 6.00pm Tuesday 5 Sept 10.00 - 4.00pm.
You can find Playnet sharing booth G570 with industry-leading game peripheral manufacturer, CH Products.

There's six new screenshots and three new movies of WWII Online at their official site. Check it out! Posted 09/2/00 - 2:00 PM ET
Playnet announces it will add new affiliates.