Player Medals

Iron Cross
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Rules on Awarding Medals.

Medals will be awarded for those individuals showing exemplary combat skills on the battle field. Under each set of medals will be listed what is needed to earn the awards.

Medals will be handed down by Aufkl. Kdr. "Bremer" in accordance to those rules.

Each player within the squad should be familiar with the individual sets of rules for each listing.

It will be up to the commanders of each battalion to keep track of his own men's current standings, plus himself. The players will have to help the battalion commanders by letting them know when certain stages are reached. Example: If you get three kills on tanks for that night, tell your battalion commander, so he can keep track.

When an award has been reached, the battalion commander must get in contact with "Bremer" so he can post them on the players rooster.

Regiment commanders will keep track of their own information and turn it into "Bremer", when an award has been reached.

In the case of "Iron Crosses", An E-mail petition must be filed with "Bremer" before these medals will be handed down. The E-Mail petition must explain the reasons for wanting to award this most valued medal. All E-Mail petitions must have the ok from each member within that battalion, before it is sent.

All medals will be handed out in succession of order within their category.

Medals for being wounded or killed will not be handed out!

This system is for the players enjoyment, please don't abuse it.

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