"See much, but not be seen!"
    "Panzerspähwagen is fast, moveable, lightly armored vehicles
equipped with radio with a long range, great firepower but with no armor piercing ammunition. As wheeled vehicles they are capable of crossing light terrain. They are the eyes of the battalion and only fight in self defense or to be able to complete their reconnaissance task. Using them as assault guns or tanks is forbidden".

- Hienz Guderian - 1944 -

    The Treaty of Versailles, signed by Germany ending World War One, forbid the country from producing any tracked vehicles. It did however, allow the Germans to build armored wheeled vehicles, which they started working on during the 1920's. Most were being produced for the police and it wasn't until 1927 that the Army Weapons Office of the Reichwehr formulated contracts for building light and heavy armored wheeled vehicles. They wanted  a vehicle suitable for streets and roads, not to exceed 7.5 tons and to be as amphibious as possible. What they ended up with, was both light and heavy models. Each containing many variations.


   The following vehicle pages focus only on information which sould be vital to you as a WWII Online player. I've listed the items in bullet form, below an accompanying picture and have added small tables for quick reference.

   I've included 3 soft vehicles that were vital to reconnaissance battalions, the BMW motorcycle, the Kubelwagen and the Schwimmwagen. Their details are listed under the Schutzenwagen section (Not yet linked)

   All vehicles that the "Rats" release will be linked from the appropriate Aufkl. page.

   I'm staying away from the 60 series of armor cars as their types
overlapped other production models.

   The information I have attained on the production rates of the
231 (8-rad) is conflicting. So until I can resarch it more, I'll have to refrain from putting those numbers in.

   All other details about Panzerspahwagen such as engine types, chassis types, drive trains, etc. have purposely been left out to make the game more enjoyable to play.

   The background used on the "Vehicle" pages is a variation of
Waffen SS - Spring Pattern

   No music or sound has been installed.

- Aufkl. Abt. Kdr. Gerhard "Bremer" -

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