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I just wanted to let you and your squad members know we are compiling a player list for our web site. The list we are creating will contain the names and units of those who are dedicating themselves to German Reconnaissance for WWIIOL. If you have any one that fits that discription within your unit or plans to do recon. please e-mail us the information.

"You can never have to much reconnaissance"
-Gen. George S. Patton-

Our web site is not only dedicated to our own squad, the 12thSS -HJ-, but also to all German recon. players. Our site has been called..."The one-stop site for German ground reconnaissance".

Thanks and good hunting !

"See much, but not be seen" -Hienz Guderian"

Aufkl. Abt. Kdr. Gerhard "Bremer"


"See much, but not be seen"
Aufkl. Abt. Kdr. Gerhard "Bremer"
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Your one-stop web site for
German ground recon.

Here's our E-mail address

"See much, but not be seen"
Aufkl. Abt. Kdr. Gerhard "Bremer"
Your one-stop web site for
German ground Recon.



Our members have dedicated themselves to being amongst the best squads that Germany has to offer. We are willing to lose many drops of sweat to save many drops of blood...we are here to play ... play hard ... to help win the war for the Axis!

We are in the process of building our Squad using company command level and up. Come join us in battle or feel free to visit our web site for more information..."Auch Du"

Web Master "Bremer"
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