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   This site is dedicated to Oberst Schlegel, of the Luftwaffe Field Division - "Herman Goring". He saw to it that 10,000+ pieces of art work were safely moved from Monte Cassino to the Vatican, before the Allied forces bombed it into oblivion in 1944. He was accused and tried for art theft and was released only after the Benedictine Monks spoke on his behalf.


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About our art gallery

    The "Monte Cassino"  art gallery is a sub site of Aufklarung Abt. The galleries composition is a collection of art works, portraying the German fighting men of World War 2. We hope to maintain this sub site as a collection of colored works of art, representing ground troops only. The art is copy written by their original owners. It is being shown here strictly for the viewers pleasure, on behalf of the beauty they hold within their frames. The gallery will always be under construction.

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Aufkl. Abt. Kdr., Stubaf. Gehard Bremer

The Gallery is currently being remodeled.
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